For Diabetic Patients

  • Natural treatment for constipation acidity and gas.
  • Gives relief from various digestive issues.
  • Clear the stomach impurities.
  • It is good for jaundice.
  • Drink this infusion before going to bed.
  • Fine powder and 100% natural.

250 Rs.

200g (Rs. 270 Rs. 250)


BISJ Constipation Relief for Diabetic Patients

BISJ Constipation Relief

 It is an ayurvedic herbal formulation containing 3 items It is used in form of powder. It is beneficial for constipation.


Senna Leaves and Fennel Seeds.

Benefits & Uses

BISJ Constipation Relief Powder stimulates immune system and thus it helps preventing recurrent upper respiratory infections. It stimulates gastric secretion and improves digestion. Due to laxative and carminative action, it helps in constipation, flatulence, gas, and abdominal distension

BISJ Constipation Relief Powder is best remedy for constipation. It has mild laxative action. It loosens the hard stools and facilitates easier bowel movements. Unlike other laxatives, the powder is non-habit forming laxative. It is beneficial for people with mild to moderate constipation.

Dosage & Administration

The general dosage of Powder is as follows.

Toddler (Age: 1 – 3 yrs)

1 grams **

Preschooler (3 – 5 yrs)

1.5 grams **

Grade-schooler (5 – 12 yrs)

2 grams **

Teenager (13 -19 yrs)

3 grams **

Adults (19 to 60 yrs)

4 grams **

Geriatric (above 60 yrs)

4 grams **



** Once a day at night with water.

 Safety Profile

This powder is natural form is considerably safe. Its regular use in supplemental or therapeutic dosage (less than 5 grams) is mostly safe.


Individuals suffering from any medical condition or disease should consult their physician before taking any herb or formulation.

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