BISJ is....

1. A wholly owned subsidiary of BISJ EXPORTERS Pvt Ltd.

2. One of the world’s best BAMBOO Activated Carbon and Bamboo Tea Manufacturing company, shipping over tonnes of Bamboo activated carbon and Bamboo Tea per year.

3. The world’s largest manufacturer of Bamboo based activated carbon and Bamboo Tea, with over double the capacity of any other manufacturer.

4. A supplier of the broadest array of Bamboo activated carbons and Bamboo Tea in the industry.

5. A global leader in Bamboo activated carbon technology..

6. Over 20 dedicated professional employees Committed to one
simple mission:  to be the best quality carbon manufacturer in the business, with technical support and customer service.


BISJ Exporters is fully committed to a total quality approach, starting from the first phone call going all the way through to making sure that the delivered product meets and exceeds the specified requirements.

BISJ Exporters is an accredited organization meeting the rigid international standards with local accreditations in the production, distribution and administration points.

Our strict quality assurance procedures ensure you to get a quality product with leading industry product packaging, excellent customer service, every time.


BISJ Exporters is very much aware of the responsibilities that a large corporation has in the welfare and rights of its employees. In addition, the location of many of the company’s manufacturing facilities in the developing world places further on us to ensure that the social impact of our operations are positive and not to the detriment of the regions in which we operate. BISJ fully subscribe to the fundamental premise that require investors to safeguard all employees and their families; will not exploit young or vulnerable persons, and actively contribute to the local community. BISJ does not employ child labour, nor does it contravene regulations relating to minimum pay or working conditions.


The use of the Earth’s natural resources is a significant consideration in the design of all BISJ manufacturing facilities. The production of Bamboo activated carbon and Bamboo Tea has no environmental impacts. Each BISJ facility operates modern, efficient processing equipment.